We’ve Added Lane Bulk Pipe Tobaccos To Our Stock

Lane 1-QAs I’ve said in other recent posts, the Annapolis area lost two great pipe destinations in the last couple of years. We’re trying to fill that void by expanding our pipe department here at Chesapeake.

I’m happy to announce that we’ve added seven of the most popular bulk pipe tobaccos from Lane Limited. Several of these plainly named tobaccos are sold under different “exclusive” names by various smoke shops, but regardless of the name, this group is comprised of some of the most popular pipe tobaccos in America.

Some of Lane’s names seem like they thought they were naming nuclear subs rather than pipe tobaccos.

  • Lane 1-Q (aka “Unique” and “Wilshire”) This is the top selling premium pipe tobacco in the USA and is often repackaged as a smoke shop’s house blend!
  • Lane BCA
  • Lane TK-6
  • Lane RLP-6
  • Lane Very Cherry
  • Lane Buttered Rum
  • Lane Black Raspberry

While we have access to the entire Lane Limited line, we only keep ready stock of the most popular. Feel free to ask about special orders! For more information on these Lane Limited tobaccos — LEARN MORE >>